Top 3 Best College Investing Aids

As we all know money is hard to come by in college especially for the ones who are paying their own way through college. I recommend if you have any spare change even if it is as little as $5-$10 that you are able to invest you should invest. This will help you potentially gain some money as well as could set you off. But DO NOT INVEST if you don’t have the funds to do so because you wont make money all in one night. After extensive research and trying these sites/apps out these 5 are in my opinion the best Investing aids for College Students who want to better their future.


Robinhood is a simple investing tool and its FREE to use as well as trades have ZERO COMMISSION. Depending on what you would like to buy as a stock the price can vary from less than $1 to higher than $500. Stocks that I own right now are SIRI, and LPL and have 2 shares in each and so far I’m doing pretty well.


Stash Invest is another platform I use and this one is for beginners in the stock market. I helps you build a profile and see the best way for your cash to grow I pay $1 a month for this service and have invested $10 and it looks promising. The minimum to buy a stock is $5.


Acorns Investing is a simple tool to use for investing spare change as well. This is a great option for college kids because if you have a .edu email acorns is FREE for up to 4 years from the date when you register.

All in all these sites/ apps will help and for the most part are free besides stash. Acorns and Stash are for beginners who are looking to invest some pocket change while Robinhood is for people with some knowledge about investing. All 3 are very simple to use and do offer a lot of potential help. Hopefully this helps you out!

GJO a Broke College Kid

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