Money Management for Students!

Money management is a big thing for everyone especially college students who struggle keeping $5 in their account. We need to regroup, see where our money is being spent, and calculate what our weekly/ bi-weekly income is. We need to devise a plan to start saving money properly and spending money only where you need it. Yes there are a lot of things in this world that i would love to spend my money on but do I need it not right now because it isn’t a priority for me. Before I started my money management I used to spend my whole check whether it was hanging out, eating out, partying, or just simple video games which sometimes put me into a negative balance. Its not easy living for a week on a negative balance trust me on that. But we need to focus on ourselves and truly reach the state of financial freedom. Especially for people who owe money and are in debt. I’m going to list some apps that have helped me and my parents save money and keep us on track with our spending.

Credit Karma

This isn’t really a money management app its a credit score service that monitors your credit and gives you advice on how to raise your credit score. Credit Karma helps you know whats going on with your credit and stays on top of things when your credit score decreases. It also offers loan options, credit card options, and a generator to see how certain things will effect your credit.


Mint Money Management is a great web and app based platform it helps you see what money is coming in and what money is going out. You can also create budgets, link bank accounts, link expenses and see how your money is being used This is the one I personally use!


Simple Banking is not only a money managing app its also a bank as well so it doubles for one I also use this as well. Simple helps you set goals and shows you whats safe to spend and if your at risk of over drafting and the best part about it is that there are no fees.

Hopefully these apps help you out with your money management journey!

GJO a Broke College Kid

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